Curious Musings

Curious Musings is a place I put up thoughts on life, family, work, security, the outdoors, etc.

As someone who started work at CompuServe, the original walled garden, I am sensitive to my content remaining free and available. The content here is made available under the terms of the CC BY 4.0 license: you can use it, you can change it, you can sell it, just say where it came from and what you changed.

Curious Musisings is created with Hugo Go, a free open-source site generator. It is designed and authored on a free Linux OS using Emacs org-mode and ox-hugo. Bandwidth is currently supplied free of charge by Github.

I am grateful to Josh Rollins for his TAONAW blog which I used as a model_too for learning Hugo and ox-hugo. The source can be found https:/github.com_jarss

And, of course

The opinions expressed in this [FOO] are mine, and not those of my employer. In fact, they may not even be mine. I may have changed my mind. I may have grown beyond a particular opinion. I may be trolling you. I may be engaging in Socratic dialog to tear down your beliefs. I may be tearing down my own beliefs. γνῶθι σεαυτόν!